Friday, November 30, 2007

Little People Can Do It Too.

Scale is an important thing in art- Jasper Johns' flags would be an entirely different thing if they weren't so big. He created this mixed media on a large scale, and the size is really important to it; by engulfing your field of vision, the art work absorbs you while you look at it.

On the other hand, tiny things are easy to miss, especially when they are in unexpected places. But these little people are gems! My favorite is "NO" for the entry February 14th. The scale makes it incredibly poignant. And then it draws you in to some kind of narrative.

All of the works by slinkachu are incredibly interesting, and their size makes them much more interesting. These wouldn't be so interesting if they were large; I think that would be alienating for the viewer.

The role that size plays in artwork is important to thing about, especially because many painters create small studies as 'practice' for larger works. Something that might be a brilliant piece of work on a 4x6 photograph could be as exciting as waiting for your bus on a large scale. And think of people- big people are perceived as more intimidating than small ones; which is why bouncers are usually not short young boys.