Sunday, January 6, 2008

Creativity Manifests itself in Tall Tales

My real name is not Katana, but its the name that everyone knows me by. All my ID, of course, says Tamara.

I am sitting around a table at a pizza parlour in California with friends. We've set up a makeshift poker game with a deck made out of photo ID, reward cards, hotel swipe cards, et cetera, found in our wallets.

JB is looking at the Queens, which consists of my drivers' license, student cards, and security guard ID, and they all have pictures taken last year. He observes, "How come none of these actually says Tamara on them?"

"I have a DUI and we had to cross the border from Canada so I borrowed her ID and her name is Tamara."

He looks at the pictures, than at me. Katana, with her poker face, and Tamara, unsmiling plastic photographs. "Oh, okay. I see- yeah, her jawline is lower than yours." And Katana is prettier than her twin sister.

Or, more accurately, I am not so photogenic.